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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Decorate Your Facebook Profile

decorate fb profile
Various tips available on net to decorate your profile in order to make it different from other people's profile. As it the demand of changing trend of the fashionable new youth culture. Now , this is what which has inspire me to share some tips to you guys about how can you decorate your Facebook album not only album but also how to use the album as a banner . In order to give it a cool look or to impress someone.

The tips i am going to share with you is just easy and simple one but this easy tips makes huge difference in your facebook profile. As we all know how important now a days is to have a eye catchy profile as facebook is worldwide known site , where billions of people are connected and who knows might it help you to get a girlfriend or a boyfriend. And do not forget first impression is the last impression when he or she sends you request so, decorate it well, your facebook banner.

How can I do this?
The how will be cleared from the simple steps,all you have to do is just a simple app and choose a banner among the listed number of banners categories.
  • Go to
  • Select the banner or select the banner category you want to have in your profile.
  • Choose any one among the listed one and then click make my facebook banner.
  • A confirmation window will be opned in order to confirm that you got your banner.
  • Click once again on Make My Facebook Banner.

Banner Can Be Your Desired one - Just Upload

If the fb banner you was looking for is not available or you are not satisfied with the current one don't worry you have always an option to choose your own liked baanner from your computer. All you need to do is Just click on "create a facebook banner"
After that choose an image of your choise from the computer and then  image will get uploaded, then set the picture in your own desired way and finally click on " Create Banner" the banner you are desiring for is now uploaded to your profile.

How is this possible?
What actually happends is the application we used above catches the banner we select and then break into them a number(5) of small size picture and it uplods picture to your profile in such a manner that it get arranged and look like a real one Now. thats really cool guys.

So, now get your banner by just following these simple tips.
Hey guys What is your Fb banner ? Mine is LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, what is yours......

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